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I am a freelance Web Developer!

I like what I do and I am aware of my knowledge level.

I prefer to be honest about my skills. Many developers will accept your offer just to get some money, but if I feel like I am not fit for the job, I will be the first one to tell you.

Full Stack Web Developer, SEO Specialist and Accessibility Expert

“I eat bread and problem solving for breakfast”

I work on websites both on the front-end and back-end sides. I know HTML, CSS and Javascript, but also PHP and SQL. I have experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL in particular.

Here is a quick look at my profile:

  • Country: 🇮🇹 Italy 🤌
  • Age: 29 and growing
  • Languages: 🇮🇹 IT, 🇬🇧 EN, 🇪🇸 ES
  • Skills:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • SQL
    • SEO
    • Accessibility
  • Hobbies: Videogames, anime, manga, books
  • O.S.: Windows, Linux, Android
  • Office softwares: LibreOffice, Microsoft Office
  • Image editing: Photoshop, Gimp
  • Video editing: Vegas Pro

For the extended list of skills and knowledge, see below.


I have a deep knowledge of websites, software and hardware.

  • HTML 100%
  • CSS 100%
  • JavaScript 80%
  • jQuery 90%
  • PHP 100%
  • SQL 80%
  • SEO 100%
  • Searching things on Google 100%
  • Using Stackoverflow as source of knowledge 82%
  • Web Accessibility 100%
  • Laravel 75%
  • CodeIgniter 85%
  • Symfony 80%
  • WordPress 85%
  • Photoshop 75%
  • Vegas Pro 75%
  • Hosting management 85%
  • Matomo 90%

Additional skills

I also have mixed experience with:

  • VisualBasic
  • C++
  • Solidity
  • Rust
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • MailUp
  • Android
  • Custom ROMs
  • CarbonROM
  • LineageOS
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Web Hosting
  • Game Hosting
  • cPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Apache
  • Thunderbird
  • Outlook
  • Mail
  • RoundCube
  • Jitsi Meet
  • OBS Studio


Here is a resume of my experiences and certifications:


Christian Marongiu

Full Stack Web Developer with 7+ years of experience in developing responsive, accessible, usable and modern websites.


Diploma of accountant programmer

2007 - 2012

IIS Silvio Ceccato, Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza (Italy)

I have studied IT subjects related to the law and economics aspects.

Professional Experience

Full Stack Web Developer

2016 - 2023

Forma Srl, Italy

  • Websites development using the most known languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL)
  • Creating the front-end of several websites starting from graphic materials (Invision, Figma, Adobe XD, PSD, PDF)
  • Yes, you read correctly, I wrote "graphic materials" and "PDF" on the same line. I have also worked with graphics made in JPG, do I need to say more? 😩
  • Developing accessible, responsive, user-friendly and modern interfaces and web applications
  • Managing several works and tasks for different projects at the same time
  • Solving server and email related problems

Apprentice salesman

2013 - 2015

FPM Srl, Italy

  • Front office, back office, warehouse management
  • Customer service, shipping, logistics
  • Keeping relationships with customer and suppliers
  • Data-entry in the company's website

Apprentice salesman

September-December, 2012

Passantino’s Family Market Country Mart, Kansas

  • Lane management, helpdesk
  • Office and cash management

Employee internship

May-June, 2011

Metallika Espositori, Italy

  • Managing documents and invoices
  • Helping at the workshop

A real representation of the reason why you should work with me


Udemy: CodeIgniter 4 (10 hours)


Build a complete web application from scratch

I have learned how to use CodeIgniter and used this knowledge to start building a project!

View my CodeIgniter 4 certificate from Udemy

Udemy: PhalconPHP Framework (6 hours)


Learn PhalconPHP Framework

This is a framework served as a PHP extension written in C, making it very fast and reliable!

View my PhalconPHP certificate from Udemy

Udemy: NodeJS Complete Guide (40+ hours)


Master NodeJS, build REST APIs, GraphQL APIs and more!

I have learned how to use NodeJS by creating an MVC application with MongoDB, using Mongoose and Compass, creating APIs and using TypeScript and Deno.

View my NodeJS certificate from Udemy

Udemy: Symfony 6 Hands-on (10+ hours)


Learn the Symfony 6 PHP Framework using most modern PHP 8.

I have learned how to use the Symfony Framework to build applications.

View my Symfony certificate from Udemy

Udemy: PHP 8 and MySQL, the complete guide for web developers (35+ hours)

2018 - 2022

Learn PHP8 step by step, creating projects like a CMS and MVC with MySQL and Boostrap.

I have completed this course in 2018 initially, and then caught up to the latest lessons in 2022 in order to be up-to-date with the new features, with a total of 35+ hours of learning.

View my PHP8 certificate from Udemy

Introduction to Web Accessibility by W3Cx (20 hours)


Accessibility is essential for individuals and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and apps

I have completed the 20 hours course made by W3Cx and I have years of experience on working with accessible websites.

View my Web Accessibility Certificate

Google Data Studio


Data Studio is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards

I have experience in using this tool to display analytics data from differentes sources.

View my Google Data Studio Certification

Udemy: Woocomerce basics (2.5 hours)


Creating an e-commerce with Wordpress

I wanted to get a basic knowledge about WooCommerce to understand how it works and how to use it.

View my Woocomerce certificate from Udemy

Udemy: Blockchain (4.5 hours)


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Tokens, ICO

I now have a basic knowledge around the Blockchain theme. Lastly, I have also learned some things about the Solidity language for smart contracts.

View my Blockchain certificate from Udemy

Udemy: Getting Started with PHP 7 (4 hours)


Increase your productivity by learning the new features of PHP 7

I have learned the new features introduced by PHP 7, the SOLID principles and the standard Design Patterns.

View my PHP7 certificate from Udemy

Udemy: Learn Database Design using PostgreSQL (5.5 hours)


The Ultimate Guide to master the world's most advanced Open Source Database

I have learned basic and advanced concepts regarding PostgreSQL, to better understand how to work with this RDBMS.

View my PostgreSQL certificate from Udemy

Google Mobile Websites


I already knew how to create responsive websites for mobile devices, but now even Google says I do!

View my Google Mobile Websites Certification

Google Adwords Display Network


Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is an online advertising platform.

View my Google Adwords Display Network Certification

Google Adwords Basic Principles


View my Google Adwords Basic Principles Certification

Google Adwords Basics


View my Google Adwords Basics Certification

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.


View my Google Analytics Individual Qualification

I have used both Universal Analytics and GA4. Alternatively, I also have experience with Matomo.


Here is a list of some of the websites I have worked on so far, both on the front-end and back-end sides.

In particular, I have deployed the graphical template in HTML and CSS, while integrating it with the CMS and database.


Here are some of the services I can offer you. Can't find what you are looking for? Ask me anyway, I'll tell you what I know!

Website Development

I can work with your team on your project to create the website you need.


Are you developing something in Laravel? I can help you.


I have developed Swiccy.it with CodeIgniter


I also use the Symfony framework to create applications.


Using Wordpress or any other CMS? I know a things or two about them...


Want to boost traffic to your website? I will help you at my best!

Web Accessibility

Need someone to help your team on an accessible web site or application? I am here and ready to begin!


Do you wish to setup Matomo, or are you in need of some help with it? Email me the details and we can work on it!


Here is my rate table. If you have a project to make me work on, please contact me directly!

The rates below are based on the average Tech Salary for 2023 and for 2022 by Talent.io (view the full report on Talent.io) and are adjusted to the Italian market.

Hourly Daily (8 hrs) Project
Front-end development 45 € 340 € (-5%) Contact me
Back-end development 50 € 380 € (-5%) Contact me
SEO 45 € 340 € (-5%) Contact me
Web accessibility 60 € 450 € (-5%) Contact me

I can work hourly or daily, based on your needs and preferences. The daily price is considered for 8 hours.

Example: For front-end development, 10 hours will cost the total of (1 day + 2 hours) -> (340 + 90) = 430 €.

If you have a project that needs more human resources, just contact me so that I can ask you more details and give you a personalized quotation.

Personal Projects

In my free time I like to work on some projects. Some of them are still in development, at a early or experimental stage, but I hope they can help you get an idea of what my current knowledge is.

  • Swiccy

    Posting platform based on CodeIgniter

    This project is open source
  • Simp.js

    A lightweight Javascript plugin for showing image previews on file inputs

    This project is open source
  • OpenWebEngine

    A small experimental open source Framework that I use as a CMS, written in PHP

    This project is open source
  • OpenCRM

    An experimental open source CRM, written in PHP

    This project is open source
  • OpenTimesheet

    An experimental open source Timesheet, written in PHP

    This project is open source
  • phpPasswordGenerator

    An open source PHP Library to generate random passwords

    This project is open source
  • Wordpress Google Search Engine
    Wordpress Google Search Engine

    Wordpress plugin to use Google Search API as a search engine in your website

    This project is open source
  • PHP Google Search Engine
    PHP Google Search Engine

    Add a custom open source search engine on your website using Google Search API

    This project is open source
  • PHP Youtube Search API
    PHP Youtube Search API

    A PHP library to add Youtube Videos on your website using Youtube Search API

    This project is open source
  • GamingHouse

    A project and a blog about videogames and animes

  • GameAdvisor

    A work-in-progress open source project made in Laravel to post reviews on videogames

    This project is open source
  • CodingHouse

    A work-in-progress blog talking about coding and web development!


Send me an e-mail with your requests and questions, I will get back to you as soon as possible!




(+39) 3202960192





Do you need a web developer for your project? Contact me and I will make my skills available to your needs!

Life is too short for doubts, email me now!
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